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Ellen Burke, PLA, LEED AP


Ellen is the founding principal of Grow City Studio. She has practiced landscape architecture for 14 years, and during that time has worked on projects at a variety of scales, from 30-acre public parks to backyard gardens, for private, non-profit and government clients. She derives great pleasure from collaborating with communities and colleagues to realize transformative spaces. 

CA License #5736

Team History:

2013: Daniel Tran

2015: Sarah Samynathan, Chad Evans, Mekdem Wright,
          Alyssa Luna, Ryan Janzen, Barbara Levin

2016: Sarah Samynathan, Chad Evans, Emily Barlog, Blake Faris,            Patrick Kelty, Amy Sublett

2017: Emily Barlog

2018: Kylie Hensley

2019: Ryan Chase, Juliet Meyer, Silvia Viola

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